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Simulation game

SysTeamsRybi Academic

Realise your business idea!

Experience business planning “live”

The SysTeamsRybi simulation game follows an eight-step innovation process, from the first idea right through to the final business plan. Participants’ ideas and innovations get professionally structured, standardised and evaluated. This allows participants to take home their qualitatively and quantitatively substantiated personal business plans.

The simulation game is based on the following generic structuring:

  • Idea machine: Method instead of flash of genius according to Schnetzler
  • Blue ocean strategy according to Kim and Mauborgne
  • Different thinking according to Förster and Kreuz
  • Innovation management

Course of action

During the market screening participants receive information on possible future scenarios and analyse their impact on the planned business model. Using a professional tool they then work out strengths and weaknesses and their expectations with regard to their role within the company and of the company itself. Special tasks, financing negotiations and sales talks sensitise the teams to the difficulties in drawing up a business plan. Despite the hurdles to be overcome the teams joyfully work on innovation management.

Facilitator – more than just a task

The facilitator does a lot more than just assign tasks: The facilitator provides participants with information on megatrends, explains the relevance of strong-growing innovations in need of capital and the importance of the actors in building effective groups. Finally, he/she illustrates the innovation and business establishment process. Being a qualified trainer the facilitator explains the eight steps of drawing up a business plan and provides background information, e.g. on Porter, Ansoff oder Rüempp. In this way even participants with little business knowledge will be able to integrate the acquired know-how quickly and efficiently into marketable business plan modules.

Medium: Computer-assisted board game
Playing time: ca. 2 days
Complexity: medium
Participants: 10 – 24 players

Using several sets allows to train large groups of 50 or more participants simultaneously.

Simulation game set

SysTeamsRybi can be tailored to the requirements of your organisation. The board game and the simulation can be individually configured to your situation. A game set includes four game boards (for 4-6 players each) and comprehensive, didactically well prepared additional readings that guide participants through the game and the learning process:

  • Game instruction for participants
  • Facilitator documentation
  • Evaluation templates for business plans
  • Seminar presentations and templates for realisation of ideas
  • Elevator pitch templates for presentation of ideas at the end of the seminar


Academic licence
Business licence

We offer fair individual and all-inclusive licences without hidden maintenance fees or the like. If requested, we can also train your facilitators.



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We offer preferential terms to universities and non-profit organisations.


Prof. Dr. Helmut Wittenzellner


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