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Simulation game

SysTeamsProject Academic

Gets projects rolling – A simulation game on project management

Experience project management “live”

The game simulates a project management process from the initial client contact right through to the successful project completion.

This is the task: Teams of engineering consultants are commissioned to plan and construct several slides for an amusement park. In the simulation game ball paths represent the slides that have to be built with the available material. Each team is responsible to design, plan and build one slide. Within various criteria such as required time, material and staff cost or design the teams compete against each other.

In small teams participants define, plan, manage and implement the project. Several project management tools are available to support a competent planning:

  • Objective plan
  • Project structure plan
  • Milestone plan
  • Gantt chart
  • Project reports
  • Risk analyses
  • and many more

Participants experience the development and construction of a concrete product and the problems typically associated with it. They realise the interdependencies of planning, implementation and steering stemming from logistics, procurement, design, construction, testing and presentation. To complete the project successfully, a time scheduling, a resource planning and a cost calculation must be drawn up and verified by the controlling function. A risk analysis completes the project management.

Each project is displayed on a game board and thus becomes tangible in the true sense of the word.

Course of action

The project is composed of several phases during which distinct project management tasks and work packages have to be completed, always making best use of the available resources:

  • Preliminary study
  • Project planning
  • Concept phase
  • Construction planning phase
  • Building phase
  • Debriefing

Participants are required not only to plan and manage the project theoretically but must also implement it by building the ball paths. Comprehensive reflection and transfer modules are an integral part and round off the seminar.

Facilitator – more than just a task

The facilitator coaches the teams in the group work phases and supports them with help and advice.

In addition, facilitators pay attention to the adherence to time schedules and budget constraints.

Being a qualified trainer the facilitator uses the reflection phases to analyse and discuss with participants their experiences and insights, and imparts additional theoretical knowledge.

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Medium: Haptic board game
Playing time: ca. 2 days
Complexity: medium
Participants: 12 – 24 players

Simulation game set

A game set includes four game boards (for 4-6 players each), handouts that guide participants through the game and the learning process and a trainer handbook with background information.


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We offer preferential terms to universities and non-profit organisations.


Prof. Dr. Willy Kriz
Kristina Hermann
Prof. Dr. Tanja Eiselen


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