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Simulation game

SysTeamsChange Academic

Designing change – A simulation game on change management

SysTeamsChange is available in the variants “business” for change processes in companies, “health” for change processes in companies and organisations in the health sector and “school” to be used in school improvement.

Experience change management “live”

The computer-assisted board game simulates employees and suppliers of a medium-sized business, which is faced with a serious change process. Employees have individual personality structures with particular motivations and forms of resistance against change. This makes them respond differently to measures available to participants to take stakeholder groups from initial shock through insight to full internalisation of the change. Taking into consideration the development stage of the affected persons, their specific levels of motivation and resistance, it is essential to take the right measures at the right time, to implement them purposefully and to cater for each individual. A computer programme models the effects of the taken measures on motivation and resistance of stakeholders.

The complex simulation is based on various generic theories on organisational development:

  • The Learning Organisation by Senge
  • Diffusion of innovations theory by Rogers
  • Phases of organisational development following the models of Lippitt, Lewin, Sievers, Kotter, Dalin, Rolf und Buchen (ISP), Pieper und Schley
  • Resistance according to Doppler and Lauterburg
  • Stages of dealing with change according to Fatzer, Schein und Schmidt-Tanger

Course of action

SysTeamsChange is a computer-assisted board game. For each turn, participants receive a defined set of resources, which they can utilise for the implementation of the desired measures. With the help of the software the facilitator simulates the effects of the chosen measures.

When all resources are depleted or when no team wants to take any more measures, the round is over. Following a phase of joint reflection the teams start with replenished resources into the next round.

Facilitator – more than just a task

The facilitator coaches the teams in the group work phases and supports them with help and advice.

The facilitator determines the resources available to the teams and simulates the effects of the decisions made by the teams.

Being a qualified trainer the facilitator uses the reflection phases to analyse and discuss with participants their experiences and insights, and imparts additional theoretical knowledge.

Medium: Computer-assisted board game
Playing time: ca. 2 days
Complexity: medium
Participants: 10 – 24 players

Using several sets allows to train large groups of 50 or more participants simultaneously.

Simulation game set

The game board and the sophisticated, easy-to-use simulation software (available for Mac and PC) for the facilitator can be individually configured to your situation. A game set includes four game boards (for 3-6 players each) and comprehensive, didactically well prepared additional readings on “change management” with background information on theory and practical application:

  • Participant handbooks
  • Facilitator documentation

With its many useful tips the handbook goes far beyond a mere game instruction.


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We offer preferential terms to universities and non-profit organisations.


Prof. Dr. Willy Kriz
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Get to know SysTeamsChange: We regularly conduct open seminars with 10 – 20 participants from various industries. Dates for the two-day seminars can be found here. There you will also find the dates for our taster days and simulation game days where you can learn about other games from the SysTeams series.


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