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Simulation game

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Acting as an entrepreneur – A simulation game on general management

Experience business management “live”

The board game simulates a company from procurement of raw material to the sale of finished products, including financing. In a tendering procedure the teams can apply for various production orders.

To fulfil these orders there are production capacities available at the factories, machinery and labourers working in shifts. Raw material, work-in-progress and finished products as well as the manufacturing plants are represented as monetary units by variegated rings. This allows to also visualise depreciation of equipment. The financing side including liabilities with their respective due dates is likewise represented on the game board.

Course of action

After production orders have been placed at the beginning of the first business year the teams start to complete the orders by moving resources on the game board. The facilitator acts as purchaser, supplier and as a bank. Following a phase of reflection the game goes into the next round.

Facilitator – more than just a task

The facilitator takes over a multitude of tasks. In the group work phases he/she supports them with help and advice. In the course of the game the facilitator acts as financing bank, supplier of raw material and buyer of the finished products. Being a qualified trainer the facilitator uses the reflection phases to analyse and discuss with participants their experiences and insights, and imparts additional theoretical knowledge.

Medium: Haptic board game
Playing time: 1 – 3 days
Complexity: low – medium
Participants: 10 – 24 players

Using several sets allows to train large groups of 50 or more participants simultaneously.

Simulation game set

A game set includes four game boards (for 3-6 players each), participant handbooks that guide participants through the game and the learning process, and a facilitator handbook with background information.


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We offer preferential terms to universities and non-profit organisations.


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