The game simulates a medium-sized business, which is faced with a serious change process. Employees have individual personality structures with particular motivations and forms of resistance against change. Participants can influence the employers’ willingness to change through specific measures and thereby successfully take the organisation through this change process.


The board game simulates a company from procurement of raw material to the sale of finished products, including financing. In a tendering procedure the teams can apply for various production orders. To fulfil these orders in due time, the available resources have to be used optimally.


SysTeamsRybi simulates an innovation process from the first idea right through to the final business plan. With this simulation game business ideas can be transformed into business plans following an eight-step process in which participants’ ideas and innovations get professionally structured, standardised and evaluated. This allows participants to take home their personal business plans.


As engineering consultants, participants work on a project management process from the initial client contact right through to the successful project completion. Each team is responsible to design, plan and build one slide for an amusement park. Using common project management tools, the teams plan and manage the project until its successful completion.

IRIS Insurance Game

IRIS Insurance Game has become the leading simulation game in the European insurance industry and is implemented internationally by corporations, universities and training institutes. The simulation models a European insurance market with five property & casualty insurers. Acting as top executives, the seminar participants successfully manage and develop their companies in a competitive market environment.

IRIS Insurance Game life

In cooperation with Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. (LV 1871) riva developed IRIS Insurance Game life, which has since established itself as the leading simulation game in the German life insurance industry. The simulation models a German insurance market with five life insurers. Acting as top executives, the seminar participants successfully manage their companies.