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Simulation game seminar

Project management – Get projects rolling für Hochschulen

A simulation game seminar on project management

Based on SysTeamsProject simulation game

The newly developed SysTeamsProject simulation game models a project management process from the initial client contact right through to the successful project completion. It is the basis for challenging and motivating learning situations. Participants manage and implement a project themselves as members of various project teams. For competent definition, planning, steering and implementation of the project several standard project management tools are available:

  • Objectives plan
  • Project structure plan
  • Milestone plan
  • Gantt chart
  • Project reports
  • Risk analyses
  • and many more

Get projects rolling

Several slides shall be built in an amusement park. In the simulation game ball paths symbolise the slides that must be planned and built, according to scale and using the available material. For each slide one project team is responsible and has the task to design, plan and build the slide.

Throughout several project phases distinct project management tasks and work packages have to be completed, always making best use of the available resources. Participants are required not only to plan and manage the project theoretically but must also implement it by building the ball paths. Comprehensive reflection and transfer modules are an integral part of the seminar and guarantee learning success.

Learning objectives: Intensive – practical – action oriented

SysTeamsProject is a multimodal simulation game that combines a haptic board game with behavioural elements of role-play. In an experience-driven way it imparts technical and method competence in project management and social skills in project team development. The learning process is supported by the gaming element because the teams compete with one another in various dimensions (e.g. required time, costs of material, labour costs, features of the slides).

The simulation game is based on common theories, tools and methods of project management that can explicitly and implicitly be covered in the seminar. In this way the participants learn the fundamentals of project management including its terminology.

Each project is represented on the game board and thus becomes tangible in the true sense of the word. Participants are able to relate to the project management process and experience the implications their decisions have on project progress. In this way they learn managing resources (time, material, labour) and solving problems that can occur while planning, implementing and steering a project. Leading a project team successfully includes assigning tasks and roles and managing relationships within the team. Finally, the training includes conflict management and dealing with stress, resistance and motivation.

Simulation game in this seminar:

Playing time: 2 days
Participants: 12 – 24 players


Haptic simulation board game
Behaviour-oriented role play
Team work
Plenum discussions


Compact course

Areas of application

Depending on the type and volume of the theoretical content the simulation game can be optimised for use at universities or in corporations, thus adjusting it to varying requirements with regard to complexity.

The training offering can be implemented in manifold ways: In the seminar participants get acquainted with the theory and methods of project management and then put it to the test in the simulation game. When the simulation game is used for the kick-off and/or to accompany an actual project, contents and sequence of activities of the real project are jointly determined and reflected upon in the transfer phase of the simulation game. In this way the persons in charge are prepared for future steps and develop an understanding of processes and critical situations. SysTeamsProject can also be used for team building workshops because team work, task sharing and communication within the group play an important role in coping with the tasks.

Target groups

“Project management – Get projects rolling” is particularly useful in the basic and advanced training of employees that should develop an understanding of project-oriented thinking and tools in project management (managers, consultants).

In bachelor and master courses the simulation game can be used for project and team management in all fields of study, in major as well as minor subjects as no prior knowledge is required.


Our experience of many years with the simulation game method allows us to offer a wide range of client solutions and to tailor the simulation game to your individual needs. We support you in planning and conducting your seminar.

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Get to know SysTeamsProject on a taster day or simulation game day. You will find the dates here.


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