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Simulation game seminar

Insurance management training für Hochschulen

A simulation game seminar on insurance management

Based on IRIS Insurance Game and IRIS Insurance Game life simulation games

Our insurance management training combines in a unique way a high-quality professional training and an active and motivating simulation game environment. The simulation games IRIS Insurance Game and IRIS Insurance Game life, which are an integral part of the seminar, are the market leaders in the European insurance industry. Experience insurance management “live”!

The insurance simulation game models a market with five property & casualty and life insurers respectively. Acting as top executives, the seminar participants manage and develop their companies in a competitive market environment by making strategic and operative decisions, which brings about a unique market situation. Working in a team leads to success.

Focus on strategy

Each team develops a distinct business strategy for its insurance company. Tools for strategic planning support this. The success gets evaluated and analysed regularly in each round of the game so that strategy implementation becomes the central theme of the event.

Experience the perspective of top management

In the seminar the participants get a bird’s eye view of the integrated management of an insurance company. Market reactions and systemic interactions get specifically discussed and reviewed in context specific sessions.

The seminar covers all functional areas of primary insurance, including reinsurance, and offers numerous opportunities and challenges. It also addresses the changing regulatory environment under Solvency II just as much as the tasks of individual functional areas. The participants do not learn about all these areas in isolation but understand their interactions and impact on business results.

Every riva seminar is unique because we set it up individually for each client. This allows putting emphasis on strategic or insurance-specific topics, as desired. We can focus on particular subjects and add your own topics. In this way, different groups of participants find optimal learning and working environments:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Marketing and sales
  • Risk and performance management under Solvency II
  • Controlling for insurance companies

If you want to put special emphasis on the subject of “risk”, ask for IRIS Insurance Game+ with its additional qualitative risk-modelling feature.

Learning objectives: Intensive – practical – action oriented

A realistic simulation of the insurance industry in the game is the basis for challenging learning situations. The sequential arrangement of plenary sessions, negotiations between groups and teamwork contributes to a motivating learning and working situation. Gathering experiences in the simulation game makes participants actively deal with business topics which then get further explored through additional lectures or rounds of discussion.

The gaming atmosphere and the experience of business practice guarantee a learning success; they also stimulate exchange between participants and intensify reflection. Participants become aware of interrelations and develop a systems understanding. Finally, working in teams improves their social skills.

Special features in life insurance business

The seminar is based on the award-winning “IRIS Insurance Game life” simulation game. Special features are market development, representation of the business in financial reporting, and product features of life and annuity insurances and their importance for business success. Furthermore, the roles of the capital market and of asset liability management for a life insurer are highlighted. The seminar also covers the importance of an economic view of assets and liabilities for product development and introduces the concept of embedded value as a steering tool.

Simulation games in this seminar:

Playing time: flexible, e.g. 2.5 – 3.5 days
Participants: 10 – 24 players

Larger numbers of participants can be trained in several groups.


Computer simulation
Team work
Plenum discussions


Compact course

The compact course takes 2.5 – 3.5 days, depending on the focus area.

Areas of application

Our insurance management training offers companies related to the insurance sector an employee development opportunity on the highest level. It is also possible to use the seminar as a team building measure for work groups or departments to accompany change processes (e.g. mergers, new cooperations).

Target groups

Experts and managers, IT specialists, trainees and junior managers in the insurance industry learn how their companies work and how individual functions relate to one another; management consultants experience their clients’ business live and broaden their advisory skills.

The seminar is based on IRIS Insurance Game Academic and specifically tailored to the requirements of universities. Students of insurance related subjects acquire knowledge about the insurance industry and put the knowledge imparted in lectures into practice.


The flexible concept and our experience of many years with the simulation game method allows us to offer a wide range of client solutions and to tailor the insurance management training to your individual needs. Do use the potential of the simulation game method for your company and let us advise you on the individual structuring of the seminar.

Special feature for universities

We offer preferential terms to universities and non-profit organisations.


riva-Flyer – IRIS Insurance Game (302 KB)

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riva-Flyer – IRIS Insurance Game – Risk and Performance (292 KB)

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