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Simulation game seminar

Innovation management – Realise your business idea!für Hochschulen

A simulation game seminar on innovation management

Based on SysTeamsRybi simulation game

SysTeamsRybi simulates an innovation process from the first idea right through to the final business plan. With this simulation game business ideas can be transformed into business plans following an eight-step process in which participants’ ideas and innovations get professionally structured, standardised and evaluated.

Realise your business idea!

In the course of the seminar your employees’ ideas and innovations get processed in a way that attracts top management attention and makes them realisable. In this way they do not get lost in day-to-day activities. At the end of the seminar participants take home their individual qualitative and quantitative business plans.

The simulation game is based on the following generic structuring:

  • Idea machine: Method instead of flash of genius according to Schnetzler
  • Blue ocean strategy according to Kim and Mauborgne
  • Different thinking according to Förster and Kreuz
  • Innovation management

Learning objectives: Intensive – practical – action oriented

The simulation game not only imparts professional content, it also paints a picture of a possible future. SysTeamsRybi allows teams to design, restructure or reorganise operations in their business by describing their ideas, presenting and developing them into a business plan in a structured process. At the end of the seminar participants take home their individual business plans.

Competing against one another, the teams also work on business-related content with a high degree of motivation:

  • Business incorporation, innovation management and corporate planning
  • Compilation of a business plan
  • Analysis and discussion of ideas within the team
  • Presentation of the ideas

Depending on the desired seminar situation, individual focus areas can be selected.

Simulation game in this seminar:

Playing time: flexible, e.g. 1 – 2 days
Participants: 10 – 24 players

Larger numbers of participants can be trained in several groups.


Haptic simulation board game
Team work
Plenum discussions


Compact course

The compact course takes 1 – 2 days, depending on the focus area.

Areas of application

The simulation game is suitable for the management of new business development, business incorporation, business restructuring and successor establishment. With our innovation consultancy participants and the persons responsible get prepared for imminent steps so that they develop an understanding for the process and critical situations. In the seminar participants learn about the basic theories of innovation and new business development and then put it to the test in the simulation game.

Target groups

This seminar targets innovation and quality managers, persons responsible for technology transfer and founders of new businesses. Marketing managers can improve the motivation and client orientation of their sales teams with the help of this seminar. Companies planning to expand into new product lines and/or markets can prepare the managers concerned for the future processes. In the field of technology transfer and business start-ups, individual and groups of founders of new businesses can use the simulation game as a planning tool during the pre-start-up phase. In this way also universities with career centers can use the seminar for university spin-offs.


Our experience of many years with the simulation game method allows us to offer a wide range of client solutions and to tailor each seminar to the particular needs of your company. Benefit from our experience when we support you in planning and conducting your seminar.

Special feature for universities

We offer preferential terms to universities and non-profit organisations.


Get to know SysTeamsRybi on a taster day or simulation game day. You will find the dates here.


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