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Simulation game seminar

General management – Acting as an entrepreneur für Hochschulen

A simulation game seminar on general management

Based on SysTeamsBusiness simulation game

SysTeamsBusiness simulates a market with competing manufacturing companies and is the basis for challenging and motivating learning situations. Participants become entrepreneurs and manage their companies. Working in a team leads to success: Within their groups participants make decisions, jointly plan processes, review and present their results.

Acting as an entrepreneur

In a tendering procedure the teams apply for various production orders. With limited resources (financial means, production capacities, working hours, etc.) production planning plays a key role to fulfil orders in due time. Prices must be calculated, raw material must be procured and finished products delivered. Aside from pricing, this requires cash flow planning and accounting so that several areas of business management and financial accounting are covered.

Learning objectives: Intensive – practical – action oriented

In an active learning process participants broaden their business knowledge, their process related expertise as well as their social skills and systems competence: Actions and systemic interrelations are discussed and analysed in joint phases of reflection. In this way the simulation game can impart business management knowledge to any desired degree and insights into business processes in a playful manner.

All areas of general management are covered and the following content is imparted:

  • Fundamentals of strategic planning
  • Business management topics such as balance sheet, cost accounting, marginal costing and cash flow computation
  • Business planning, business plan presentation and controlling
  • Decision-making and negotiations in a company’s functional areas (e.g. production planning, cost calculation, sales planning, investments)

With optional content such as e.g. pricing, marginal costing, management ratios or international financial reporting, seminars can put emphasis on individual areas of interest.

Simulation game in this seminar:

Playing time: flexible, e.g. 1 – 3 days
Participants: 10 – 24 players

Larger numbers of participants can be trained in several groups.


Haptic simulation board game
Team work
Plenum discussions


Compact course

The compact course takes 1 – 2 days, depending on the focus area.

Areas of application

The seminar is suitable as a training measure within development programmes for executives and junior managers or to provide specialists with basic business-management knowledge. As a team building measure, organisation and change processes can be accompanied with the simulation game. SysTeamsBusiness lends itself ideally to industry specific adaptations. We are currently developing a version for the media industry.

Target groups

“General management – Acting as an entrepreneur” is ideal for employees without or with only limited knowledge in business management (e.g. engineers, lawyers, IT specialists).


Our experience of many years with the simulation game method allows us to offer a wide range of client solutions and to tailor the simulation game to your individual needs. We support you in planning and conducting your seminar.

Special feature for universities

We offer preferential terms to universities and non-profit organisations.


Get to know SysTeamsBusiness on a taster day or simulation game day. You will find the dates here.


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