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Simulation game seminar

Change Management – Designing change für Hochschulen

A simulation game seminar on change management

Based on SysTeamsChange simulation game

Numerous companies and universities have successfully implemented SysTeamsChange. The game simulates an organisation undergoing change and provides a basis for challenging and motivating learning situations. Taking on the role of consultants, the participants design and structure a change process for a medium-sized company, its employees and suppliers.

The complex simulation is based on various generic theories on organisational development whose interrelation the participants experience live in the game situation:

  • The Learning Organisation by Senge
  • Diffusion of innovations theory by Rogers
  • Phases of organisational development following the models of Lippitt, Lewin, Sievers, Kotter, Dalin, Rolf und Buchen (ISP), Pieper and Schley
  • Resistance according to Doppler and Lauterburg
  • Stages of dealing with change according to Fatzer, Schein und Schmidt-Tanger

Designing change

When designing the change process the participants experience rational elements along with subjective forces such as motivation or resistance. Each employee has an individual personality structure with a particular motivation for, or resistance against change. They react differently to the measures available to participants to take stakeholder groups from initial shock through insight to full internalisation of the change. Taking into consideration the development stage of the affected persons, their specific levels of motivation and resistance, it is essential to take the right measures at the right time, to implement them purposefully and to cater for each individual.

Learning objectives: Intensive – practical – action oriented

There is no panacea for changes in complex structures like companies. To learn and exercise change management is only possible in a similarly complex environment. In the simulation game the participants experience:

  • Fundamentals of change management
  • Planning and implementation of measures under budget constraints
  • Analysis and discussion of actions and systemic correlations
  • Simulation of processes of group dynamics with the help of embedded sociograms, e.g. inclusion of informal leaders

The experiences in the simulation game allow participants to develop the competences necessary to manage and master change processes. The seminar imparts cognitive as well as affective skills in change management.

Depending on the desired seminar situation, individual focus areas can be selected to prepare participants thoroughly for the design and management of change processes.

Simulation game in this seminar:

Playing time: flexible, e.g. 2 days
Participants: 10 – 24 players

Larger numbers of participants can be trained in several groups.


Haptic simulation board game
Computer-assisted simulation
Team work
Plenum discussions


Compact course

The compact course takes 1 – 2 days, depending on the focus area.

Areas of application

In the seminar participants learn about the theory of change management and then put it to the test in the simulation game. Our change management consulting prepares executives for future steps and helps them to understand processes and critical situations.

Target groups

“Change management – Designing change” lends itself ideally to trainings for change agents and to prepare executives for, or employees affected by, change processes.


Our experience of many years with the simulation game method allows us to offer a wide range of client solutions and to tailor the simulation game to your individual needs. We support you in planning and conducting your seminar.

Special feature for universities

We offer preferential terms to universities and non-profit organisations.


Get to know SysTeamsChange: We regularly conduct open seminars with participants from various industries. You will find the dates for the two-day block seminars here.


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