Change management

Numerous companies and universities have successfully implemented SysTeamsChange. The game simulates an organisation undergoing change and provides a basis for challenging and motivating learning situations. Taking on the role of consultants, the participants design and structure a change process for a medium-sized company, its employees and suppliers.

General management

SysTeamsBusiness simulates a market with competing manufacturing companies. Participants become entrepreneurs and manage their companies. Working in a team leads to success: Within their groups, the participants make decisions, jointly plan processes, review and present their results.

Innovation management

SysTeamsRybi simulates an innovation process from the first idea right through to the final business plan. With this simulation game business ideas can be transformed into business plans following an eight-step process in which participants’ ideas and innovations get professionally structured, standardised and evaluated. This allows participants to take home their personal business plans.

Project management

The SysTeamsProject simulation game models the implementation of a project in a company. As engineering consultants the participants are commissioned to plan and construct several slides for an amusement park and design and structure the process of the corresponding project. Within the teams participants get to know common tools and methods of project management.

Insurance management

Our insurance management training combines in a unique way a high-quality professional training and an active and motivating simulation game environment. The simulation games IRIS Insurance Game and IRIS Insurance Game life, which are an integral part of the seminar, are the market leaders in the European insurance industry. Experience insurance management “live”!

Insurance essentials

Insurance essentials conveys insurance management in a compact and practice-oriented way through topical seminars that can be flexibly tailored to your particular requirements. Experienced practitioners and researchers conduct the seminars. This makes them ideal for an initial qualification just as much as for deepening insurance-specific knowledge.