Simulation games for you

Benefit from our experience in designing and conducting simulation games that we are happy to pass on to you. We can show you ways to optimally implement our simulation game products into staff training and executive development.

Benefit from our experience

We help you in tailoring training programmes based on simulation games to the needs of your company and in integrating them into your organisation and corporate philosophy. The simulation game method can be successfully integrated into initial training programmes, staff training and executive development. Thereby, simulation games can form the core of your training offerings or add new flavour to your existing programmes. We have many years of experience in designing and implementing training and qualification programmes. This enables us to draw up sound and motivating concepts that will help you to release your employees’ potentials. Our clients’ specific qualification requirements have top priority for us. Read more about our simulation games and our seminars.

More than just a game …

In our culture learning is generally associated with effort, seriousness and work. Hence, simulation games are often dismissed as gimmicks unsuitable for learning purposes. All the same they were already used for the training and selection of military leaders a long time ago. Today simulation games are employed in training and staff development, in organisational development and in strategy consulting. They have also proven their value in verifying competences in staff selection processes and in occupational training and development programmes.

Success factor team

The simulation game explicitly serves the purpose of social sense-making because this form of co-operative learning stimulates problem-solving in a team. To master the tasks, the participants must contribute their know-how and their experiences. This allows them to learn not only from the trainers but also from each other. Particularly for the problem-solving skills in a group it is important that mistakes are being tolerated and learned from. A simulation game environment is the ideal setting for that.

Active learning means sustainable learning

Simulation game methods realise the core principles of problem-oriented learning and possess all features of action-oriented tuition – a realistic and holistic approach, reflection, learner activation and orientation. We teach and deal with exactly what is required and makes sense given the specific situation. The simulation game environment activates capabilities and potentials; the participants actively work on, and learn from, tasks related to their operational practice. Their know-how and experiences, combined with the trainers’ expertise, leads to an intensive and sustainable learning experience that can be transferred one-to-one into operational practice. Learning shall also be fun: Active seminars obviously make learning more exciting and more enjoyable because success becomes visible immediately. Such emotions motivate, increase attention and help to retain the acquired know-how and skills better and for much longer.

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