Focus on your requirements

Participants in simulation games experience a chosen, simulated part of reality firsthand. They work in that environment, reflect on experiences, draw general conclusions and evaluate their applicability to real assignments of tasks.

Our experience of many years with simulation game practice allows us to offer you a wide range of consultancy and qualification services. Trainings based on simulation games are very flexible with regard to surrounding conditions and subject matter to be dealt with. This allows us to optimally tailor our trainings to your requirements. Whether you engage our trainers or conduct the seminars yourself, we support you in planning and implementation.


Learn how to develop a simulation game yourself or adjust our offer to your requirements.

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Learn more about our haptic and computer based simulation games from the SysTeams series and IRIS product family.

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Learn about numerous possibilities to integrate our seminars into your training measures.

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Learn more about our individual coachings and our consultancy services for the use of simulation games in personnel development.

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riva’s training philosophy: Active learning

  • We activate participants’ skills and potentials.
  • We allow participants to actively work on, and learn from, tasks from a sphere of activities they are familiar with.
  • When structuring the seminars our trainers give active consideration to participants’ requirements with regard to content and methods.
  • Active learning leads to success and creates a long-lasting learning experience.


"A change of perspective in fast mode: It is unbelievable in which short time I got an insight and understanding of the work of an insurance top executive. And it was great fun, too!"
"Never before I got such a detailed insight into the economic impacts of singular decisions. The management workshop quite impressively shows to the theorist the hard realities of practice. This event is clearly among the best I attended in the past 25 years!"
"Very informative, interesting and exciting … like a good thriller. Sometimes you find the culprit, sometimes not!"

Unique scientific foundation and evaluation

Our close cooperation with universities allows us to develop simulation games that are scientifically proven and based on the latest research findings. This holds true for the theoretical background and for a didactically sound implementation of the game. riva simulation games and seminars are unique because outcomes and benefits are continually being scientifically evaluated.