Learning not for practice – learning with practice

The foundation of all riva seminars is the consistent alignment with the participants’ areas of activity. This ensures that participants gain experiences that directly relate to their practical work. Results achieved in the seminar can easily be transferred to operational practice.

Our training philosophy: Active Learning

Are you sure that learning always has to function as it always has, or in the way you got accustomed to while in school or university? riva seminars are different – in three ways they are active educational offers:

  • We activate participants’ skills and potentials.
  • We allow participants to actively work on, and learn from, tasks from a sphere of activity they are familiar with.
  • When structuring the seminars our trainers give active consideration to participants’ requirements with regard to content and methods.

Active learning with riva leads to immediate success: At riva we always have the participants’ skills and potentials in focus. Their knowledge and experience, coupled with our trainers’ expertise, lead to an intensive and long-lasting learning experience.

Do you want to thrill your seminar participants? When a seminar begins with an explanation of the basics, then it often quickly becomes boring before it even kicks off. Some of the matter is already known and participants begin to attend to other things. So why not begin with the difficult parts for a change? After all, it is usually the difficult things that are the most interesting. If we slowly work our way from the problem to the fundamentals, we use the ideas and experiences of the participants. This is motivating and increases the attention of the participants.

We have the same opinion of theory as we do of the fundamentals: Practice comes first, and then we build the theoretical foundation along with the problems experienced. This is why the topics in a riva seminar are never boring or unimportant – we teach and prepare as much information as makes sense in the specific situation for the particular group of participants. We develop new content together and exactly when a problem occurs and when the participants are interested in finding a solution to it. In this way knowledge gets imprinted on the memory and the learning success increases.

Learning should also be fun: Active seminars mean that learning becomes more exciting and, given the immediately recognisable success, more enjoyable. Such emotions help to retain the information better and for much longer.

We turn traditional qualification offers upside down

In the active seminars it quickly emerges what competences and experiences the participants can draw on: Our experienced trainers manage to identify this potential, they activate and introduce it to the seminar in the most beneficial manner. Participants do not only learn theoretically, they can apply the acquired knowledge in practice, make experiences and try out new ideas.

Each seminar is unique in as much as it is always individually aligned with the participants. Our highly qualified trainers adjust the activity-based framework to the requirements of the participants in each seminar, thus creating individual learning situations. This is a challenge for the trainers and it supports the participants. At the end, it is a win-win-situation for both sides.

An enrichment of training offers in your organisation

Our philosophy of active learning can successfully be integrated into the design of initial trainings, management recruitment and executive development programmes in your organisation. riva products can be the core of your training offers or provide fresh impetus to existing programmes. Our experience of many years in developing and conducting training and qualification programmes allows us to develop sound and motivating concepts that activate your employees’ potentials. We focus on the individual qualification requirements of our clients. In doing so, we tailor our qualification offers to your organisation and integrate them into your company’s philosophy.