riva is part of a large network of trainers and development partners from the corporate world and universities. This network allows us to cater for our clients’ individual needs and to take up their requests for content. In this way we can integrate topical issues within a short timeframe.


BWV – German Insurance Association for Vocational Education and Training
riva partner since 2004

BWV and riva have been working on common projects for many years.
The jointly developed simulation game VerSimBi is used in vocational training. In its education and advanced training programmes BWV also uses the Insurance Management Training and simulation games of the SysTeams series.

DVA – Deutsche Versicherungsakademie (German Insurance College)
Sales partner since 1992

DVA is a riva sales partner and offers seminars on insurance topics. DVA’s programme includes the riva insurance simulation games IRIS Insurance Game und IRIS Insurance Game life, among others.

University partners

Department of Human Resources Management and University Didactics
University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg
Development partner since 2008

Prof. Dr. Willy Kriz, professor at the Department of Human Resources Management and University Didactics of University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, is one of the most important partners for riva in simulation game development. He played a key role in the development of SysTeamsChange and SysTeamsProject.

Stuttgart Media University
Development partner since 2011

Prof. Dr. Helmut Wittenzellner teaches business management, particularly corporate planning, at Stuttgart Media University and established the priME-Cup, a simulation game competition for universities. He also heads the Media Entrepreneur Center at the Institute for Applied Science. For the riva SysTeams series he developed SysTeamsRybi.

Kozminski University Warsaw
Development and sales partner since 2011

Kozminski University supports the development of the Polish SysTeamsChange version and the sale of this simulation game.


Swiss Austrian German Simulation and Gaming Association (SAGSAGA), organised in the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA)
Member since 2002

riva is a member of Gesellschaft für Planspiele in Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz e. V. (Swiss Austrian German Simulation and Gaming Association)


We are a sponsor of ISAGA 2014, the worldwide conference on simulation and gaming.

DVfVW – Deutscher Verein für Versicherungswissenschaft
Member since 2004

riva is a member of DVfVW.


A change of perspective in fast mode: It is unbelievable in which short time I got an insight and understanding of the work of an insurance top executive. And it was great fun, too!!
Never before I got such a detailed insight into the economic impacts of singular decisions. The management workshop quite impressively shows to the theorist the hard realities of practice. This event is clearly among the best I attended in the past 25 years!
Very informative, interesting and exciting … like a good thriller. Sometimes you find the culprit, sometimes not!